Disclosing violence and why victims don’t just leave

Fearing the perpetrator.
Fear of losing the children.
Lack of resources and options: money, insurance, healthcare and/or banking changes.
Being blamed and unsupported.
Language barriers- family having to act as translator.
Lack of trust of caseworker/ agency.
Fear of third-party reports/ reports to child services.
Fear of prejudice.
Fear the disclosure of abuse will change eligibility of services.
Cultural or religious conflict.

Barriers that victims often fear in the receiving of services

Victim feels lost, confused and frustrated with the “system,” front line staff do not understand their situation or have negative attitudes.
Not understanding the complexity of IPV (intimate partner violence)/ how it relates to them.

IPV is not disclosed because the system is not sympathetic, insensitivity is the #1 barrier.
73% of victims fear child protection services.