Thank you Lamoille Women’s Club and Spring Inn Bar


In the photo, from left are Kenna Sorenson of the Lamoille Women’s Club, Rayna Moon representing the Spring Inn Bar, Lamoille Women’s Club Past-President Joyce Kay and CADV Executive Director Marianne McKown.

The Lamoille Women’s Club donates to Harbor House every year, but with all of the restrictions due to COVID-19 they didn’t know if they would be able to help as much this year and into 2021. Fortunately The Spring Inn Bar decided to help. The Spring Inn owner, Eric Drues, hosted an open mic night and customers brought in donations of items Harbor House needed including food and hygiene products and donated money, said Rayna Moon who works at the Spring Creek establishment.

Moon said they also got Walmart to provide a $200 match to the funds raised. Overall the Spring Inn and its customers donated about $1,200 in food and household items to Harbor House.

The Spring Inn also helped raise funds to assist the Lamoille Women’s Club with purchasing Christmas gifts for CADV’s clients.

“This wouldn’t have happened without them,” Lamoille Women’s Club member Kenna Sorenson said. “Because of the Spring Inn, Christmas will be good this year.”