Introducing: Ezekiel “E-Z” the certified therapy doggy

E-Z is an English Mastiff certified therapy dog and is now attending CADV Harbor House support group sessions. He weighs only 235lbs at  21 months old and will be turning 2 on February 12th.  E-Z loves his baby and finds comfort in suckling on it during his moments of self care. He loves laying in his moms lap on the couch and helping her in the kitchen. E-Z is a big kisser and is happy all the time. E-Z specializes in helping those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, any and all those affected by emotional, verbal and physical abuse related trauma. The bond people can develop with emotional support animals can be very important in helping during the recovery and healing process.  He is currently working with children that have special needs in mental health and victims of emotional trauma.  E-Z is also in the beginning stages of accompanying and working with victims in the courtroom.  CADV Harbor House is proud and honored to be working with E-Z.  Support group at Harbor House is on Wednesdays, for more information call 775.738.6524.

After returning home from support group one evening, Daphne the pug could smell E-Z and my visit with him.  Daphne is a hopeless romantic and insisted that I update her dating profile pictures hoping to hear from E-Z.