Asking for your help

ATTENTION: Holiday Wishes for Elko Harbor House
Construction is underway on our only shelter that covers Elko, Eureka and White Pine counties for domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Crews have completed tile installation on the upper level after 25+ years of no renovation or up-keep. Not only does the bottom level of the shelter need tile but we have discovered corroding plumbing and pipe issues. Cast iron, ceased being used since the 1940s on commercial grade building design, but was still used in the early ’90s on the shelter and is now starting to decay rapidly. Monthly if not weekly we call for emergency plumbing services. After several assessments with many contractors we are needing to reinstall all new plumbing, a task beyond overwhelming and devastating.

Now we’ve began the relentless project of repainting the shelter that houses people. With the help of the Elko County Juvenile Probation Department and others. There is so much more work to be done. More than hands on help we are in DESPERATE need of sturdy wooden bunk beds to hold as many people as possible. Before we had queen beds donated that limited the amount of people we could house for three counties, by a lot.
We are also in need of armless office chairs for those that are handicapped (what we have now is stained, low to the ground and cannot accommodate most older folks) and our lobby (waiting area) furniture is 20-year-old stained wicker that is falling and cracking apart. We are once again asking the community for their support.