Rural Outreach Coordinator/Advocate & Bilingual Services (Habla Espanol)

Meet Rural Outreach Coordinator/Advocate Heidi.  Heidi was at first a long time volunteer for CADV but then became moved by the need for more advocates against domestic violence.  Her interest is to provide support to victims in the Elko and surrounding areas.  Heidi gladly accepted the position of Rural Outreach Coordinator/Victim Advocate in May of 2019 knowing the responsibility and commitment that the field required. Heidi is also fluent in Spanish which has been a necessity to better help the Hispanic community with need of support, answers and direction when it comes to such a delicate issues as domestic violence. It is Heidi’s commitment to speak for the ones that feel like their voices are not heard or don’t matter.  Her dedication is to provide emotional support and work to improve advocacy options for victims until they can find it within themselves, the strength to become independent.