Lets volunteer

Office and Shelter Maintenance– Cleaning, organizing, painting, furniture moving and assembly, repair and maintenance of interior and exterior of facility and equipment, equipment installation, and landfill runs.

Landscaping– Weeding, mowing, edging, trimming, and planting.

Client Support– Crisis Line, Employment Services: Mock Interviews, Dress for Success, Resume and Application Assistance, Budgeting and Finance Advisement, and Transportation Assistance, or any other service that could help with client’s well-being.

Fundraising– Food Drives, Clothing Drives, Bingo Nights, and CADV Special Event planning: coordination, execution, and assistance.

Contractor Recruitment– Electricians, Plumbers, General Contractors, Flooring Specialist, and Cabinet Makers (Must be bonded and insured.)

Vendor Recruitment– Appliance and Furniture Dealers, Grocery and Fresh Produce Suppliers, Cleaning Product Suppliers, Bed and Bath Suppliers

Branding/Public Outreach & Promotion– Letting people know that CADV and Harbor House are one in the same. Seasonal Promotions: Recruiting fresh fruit and veggies from Backyard gardeners.

Shelter Donations– Coordinates with the Wish list for Shelter needs. Organization, distribution, and inventorying of donations for grant match.

*All Volunteers must be fingerprinted, get a background check, and cannot be convicted of a violent crime or felony. To work directly with clientele, volunteers are required to take a 20 ½ hour online Domestic Violence Training Course.